Socialists CAN- 1 Hour Left

Round Table Discussions On Social Issues

What should be the minimum wage; increasing Social Security benefits; cancellation on student debt for higher education.

Socialists want change- Where do we start- What can we do now?

Socialists CAN- the thirty point platform and our three critical demands.

Socialists CAN- 1 Hour Left: Those in control want to cut Social Security; Today, working people need more-- How important are unions to us? Discussion on canceling all student debt-----

Should the Left be Calling for Impeachment of Trump?

Did the G20 Summit address the issues facing the working class?

'Did the G20 Summit Address the Issues of the Working Class?'

Is It Donald Trump or Is It Just Capitalism?

The Path of Least Resistance- Revolution, Occupy or Facebook

U.S. Imperialism, Trade Wars and the Recent Arrest of Huawei Executive Meng Wanzhou.

What should working people expect from the 116th Congress.

A look at the group's description, Socialists CAN and how we can make a difference.  Also, during this hour, the panel will discuss: should socialists and communists boycott U.S. Elections.

Why did America buy in to Bernie Sanders and is America ready for socialism?

Why has the U.S. set its sights on Venezuela?  What Happens when the U.S. decides to interfere in other countries business?  What has history shown us?  Is it alright to dispose a legally elected president because she/he won't bow to U.S. interest?

What Happened to the Peace Movement?  Now Another Arms Race!

The Issues Important To Women That Congress Has Forgotten.

Over-production is ruining the planet---  This is the effects of greedy capitalism!

Technology and AI- Cheap Labor for Capitalism?  How we can insure equality for all!

The difference between Anti-Semitic and Anti-Zionist and why Congresswoman Ilhan Omar is under attack.

Socialists CAN- 1 Hour Left and Left of Liberal; how these two left weekly programs present a true left perspective on national and international affairs.

Another perspective of what is being shared on Facebook.

Is Russia Now The Front-line Against Global Aggression?  The panel will discuss events going on in Venezuela, Syria, Cuba, Ukraine, Crimea and the United Nations.

Is Russia the New Front-Line Against Global Aggression?

Why Has Ilhan Omar Upset Washington's Status quo?  What is Her Message?

May Day Special, the panel discussed: Anti-Socialism- What It Is and How To Fight It.

Crisis In Venezuela- Are Americans Ready For Another Costly War?

What is behind the attack on China by the United States?  Is China a friend or foe?

Question: Should a socialist or communist society have billionaires?

False Flags- Vietnam and Iraq, now Venezuela and Iran.

QUESTION: Was the assassination of John F. Kennedy associated with a false flag?

Beyond Talk- What Can the Left Accomplish By 2020 and Beyond.

'Trump's Trade Wars; Benefiting Wall Street, Hurting Working People'

Socialists CAN---  1 Hour Left--  Panel discussion of several aspects facing us right now----

Imperialism: What It Is and How It Is A Threat To The Global Community

Seniors: Retirement, Social Security, Medicare, and Aging in the U.S.

Socialist CAN- How Can We Make A Difference.  Everyone can do something!!

Justice for Rodney Reed- On Texas Death-Row.

First Annual Meeting of Socialists CAN --- How We Can Make A Difference.

2020 Presidential Candidate Howie Hawkins discuss his campaign to become President of the United States.